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Those guys with stretched lip piercings can wear plugs as lip piercing jewelry, too. Porn stars in love. Based on the most current piercing stats, Statisticbrain. Girls with pierced tongues. Do you know better reasons why people get tongue piercings? I'm leaving TSR - hooray! For me it was like she was trying to re-capture her youth a little. No What do you think about them? I didn't get it to give head, I actually take mine out before I do that. Sexy chaina girl. All women love it. Most men find genital piercings to be a mental turn-on, but they don't typically have a physically sexually-stimulating element like VCH and similar female genital piercings do for women.

Tell your family members that should they have this dangerous, filthy procedure done, you will no longer support them financially. I'm straight as an arrow and I wouldn't go around sticking my tongue out advertising my piercing, thanks for the feed back. My tongue kept snagging, it hit my teeth, etc. The whore tongue ring tells us that they like cum in their mouth.

Tongue you can see when they talk, but are the quickest to heal and easiest to cover up just chuck in a clear plastic bar Now I haven't got my tongue done yet because I had braces for the last 5 years and that was impossible. Links MUST be accompanied by a summary.

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I got it due to sheer boredom with my life basically. Daniela hantuchova cameltoe. I've never dated a guy who had one, but I have always been interested in how making out and oral sex would feel. I was just scared. University of Cambridge Replies: After full healing the person is advised to replace the initial long barbell to accommodate the initial swelling with a shorter barbell.

It was the year I abandoned all my friends, my home, and moved to a place where I knew nothing. Girls with pierced tongues. Closeup of a woman's tongue with a piercing. It is possible to use a stretched tongue piercing as a first step to tongue splitting. Of course there are cultural exceptions but for the sake of this question I'm excluding them. Pon star girl. One step closer to the perfect coffee Started by: Original post by odkfn Hahaha, did your parents suggest to you that they assumed this was why?

Teen accused in attack on guard at juvenile detention center. Portrait of a beautiful blonde woman with piercing. Even completely healed holes can close up in a matter of hours, and larger-stretched holes can close in just a few days.

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Each to their own I say Beck There is a history of ritual tongue piercing in both Aztec and Maya cultures, with illustrations of priests piercing their tongue and then either drawing blood from it or passing through rough cords designed to inflict pain. Nose piercings have a rich history that predates Bible times.

Micro bent barbells with jeweled ends are the most popular style of jewelry for women to wear in eyebrow piercings, but you can opt for a hoop instead, if desired.

If you want a tongue piercing, get one. In high school, when my friends turned sixteen, their parents would take them to get something pierced. Get Started Today's posts Unanswered posts. Upper lip piercings are typically done with labret studs , with BioPlast labrets being preferable because they're soft, flexible and less damaging to the gums and teeth. Girls with pierced tongues. I don't recommend it, it will damage the enamel on your teeth and no matter what you do it will effect your speech.

But was interested how much difference it makes during oral sex? The person who said it feels funny if it's taken out is right Zero problem for me.

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