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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Treasure chest sex store. Spanking also has fine points. A good spank. As we know, the world has been corrupted by feminism e. I'll admit that i enjoy reading some weird bdsm-fiction, but it seems pretty retarded to think shit like that's anything more than masturbation fantasies. Thailand massage girls. I love adore greek mythology but strangely enough I've never encountered those stories in particular. You will have to walk through a dangerous feminist area, as all areas are dangerous and feminist, and you might get oppressed.

Again, these were rather fun to poke during the week. Why won't my plate spank me? Carpel Tunnel has led me to embrace the fine art of caning and paddles. Well, try renting Secretary , the movie starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader , and watching it with your sweetie, suggests Bussel. TheBluePill subscribe unsubscribe 36, readers users here now Disclaimer: Those guys sure are cool and edgy.

Submit a new text post. And what pisses me off is that femdom has been around since Ancient Sumeria and Ancient Rome for fucks sake https: He was more into sensation play.

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There are people that I am frightened of but I respect none of them. Tamil masala clip. It was an accident on the kids part. Punishment That Teaches Respect elevenamproject4. That, in the end, signify nothing? Do you know why it worked even a hundred years ago? Now those who disagree with me may bring up the golden rule. A good spank. Then I stopped blowing and everything was normal. Spanking of any kind is a terrible, dirty, disgusting, violent attack on a defenseless child.

It is just unfortunate that this heartless, degrading, mean-spirited way of handling children became so firmly ingrained in human culture that many people still don't think twice about approving its use. It is not about 'quick fixes' that teach violence….

And there would be less consenting adults too because most fetishes are formed in childhood from being spanked WHAT on earth can a child do that is worse than any crime an adult can do … any criminal? No matter the medium, a good spanking still has the same foundation. Top porn movies in world. You can practice negative reinforcement by giving in to your child every time he or she screams for something…thereby creating an immature adult with a sense of entitlement.

What a wonderful post on the art of spanking. A spanking is negative feed back to negative actions.

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Thank you for your comment and taking time to write it out. Parents are to be offered first whack, but a court officer will pinch-hit if necessary. Get insight into what it all means with your daily horoscope.

Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access. I recommend going to a or your city hall to find some. What if Trump got spanked on national television every time he said something dumb on Twitter?

Take out your phone or other mobile device, and create a post on this subreddit. A good spank. It's not just misogyny, also too many gay men who don't really understand the dom thing and think it just means being an asshole.

Share this article Twitter. Those guys sure are cool and edgy. Milf hairy pussy pic. But like lots of choices on the kink sexual buffet , spanking is not embraced by everyone.

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